How Are Invisalign Clear Aligners Made?

Invisalign is designed from molds of your teeth and is built in layers with photo-sensitive liquid resin. When exposed to a laser, the resin cures into a hard yet flexible thermoplastic called SmartTrack®, which was created exclusively for Invisalign treatment, it’s FDA approved too!

How Do I Take Care of My Aligners?

The simplest way to keep your aligners clean is to brush them with a toothbrush each time you brush your teeth. If you need to clean them when you’re out and about and don’t have access to your toothbrush, you can also simply rinse the aligners in lukewarm water. Never use hot water or abrasive cleaners; these may warp the plastic of the aligner! You can also purchase an Invisalign Cleaning System for a more thorough cleaning.

Can You See the Clear Aligners When You’re Wearing Them?

Most people will not be able to see your aligners when you are wearing them. This is because the clear plastic makes them practically invisible and there are no bulky metal brackets or wires that will draw attention to your teeth. Plus, Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit snuggly to your teeth and will be trimmed down so that they won’t show over your gum line. The result is a seamless smile without the hassle of unsightly brackets or wires

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Usually, Invisalign treatment is fairly similar to the cost of braces, but pricing will fluctuate depending on your unique needs. To get an accurate cost estimate, schedule a consultation with your doctor today! Keep in mind that your insurance may also cover some orthodontic treatment, so be sure to call your insurance provider to understand your benefits.