Smile Design

Beyond Straightening Teeth

Digital Smile Design


What Is Smile Design?

At LifeSmile Orthodontics, you can brighten, straighten, and perfect your future smile with Digital Smile Design (DSD)! From Invisalign treatments to complete smile makeovers, DSD is a state-of-the-art technology that gives patients a picture-perfect view of the finished results before treatment even begins! This facial-focused technology allows you and Dr. Mawaldi to modify every detail of your new smile until your desired outcome is achieved.


How Does It Work?

We are a passionate team of smile experts dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care for Midlothian. We take pride in providing a gold standard of orthodontic care because we know that radiant, confident smiles can change lives.


Starting with a consultation, Dr. Mawaldi will partner alongside you in learning your cosmetic needs and goals. As a certified smile designer with a specialized eye for aesthetics, Dr. Mawaldi will always offer expert, personalized guidance to provide stunning results that compliment your unique facial proportions.


Next, Dr. Mawaldi will take pictures of your face and smile, upload the images to our DSD technology, and begin bringing your dream smile to life! From there, you and Dr. Mawaldi can adjust any aspect of your smile to create the most natural-looking, symmetrical outcome that you’ll love.

Tailored treatment

After the design process, Dr. Mawaldi will review your individualized treatment plan and digitally designed smile to ensure you’re happy with your future grin! It’s our goal to give you an outcome you truly feel excited about, so Dr. Mawaldi will always be glad to make any adjustments before moving forward with treatment.

frontal facial full smile - design smile


Benefits of Digital Smile Design

With DSD, we’re helping patients realize their brightest, happiest smiles by delivering the most precise, facial-driven results possible. This means every detail of your new smile is based on your facial aesthetics, giving you dramatic results that look and feel completely natural. 

DSD also helps Dr. Mawaldi to understand exactly what you hope to get out of your treatment, so you will always be on the same page throughout the process. Using best-in-class imaging technology, patients no longer have to imagine what their dream smiles will look like – they can see their new smiles come to life in just one appointment!