Our Mission

Beyond straightening teeth, we believe everyone deserves the confidence, happiness, and quality of life that comes with a healthy, sparkling smile. That’s why it’s our mission to go beyond straightening teeth and design stunning smiles based on each patient’s unique facial aesthetics. Here, you have the most qualified team of experts standing by your grin with attentive and compassionate care. As a board-certified orthodontist with distinguished expertise in facial cosmetics, Dr. Mawaldi uses industry-leading technology to empower patients with beautiful, customized results that last.

Office Tour

Down to the last detail we’re about elevating your patient experience. We’ve designed every aspect of our office with your comfort top of mind. When you step through our doors, you will be greeted by our friendly team and a relaxing, contemporary atmosphere. To ensure the cleanest environment possible for our patients and staff, our touch-free office features built-in COVID safety measures, such as automatic sensor lights and faucets, online patient portal, digital patient forms, and the latest centralized ultraviolet air purifier. From our serene guest lounge to our private treatment rooms, our team will pamper you with best-in-class amenities and exceptional comforts.

Helpful Amenities

Our office is dedicated to ensuring you feel safe and comfortable throughout every appointment at LifeSmile. While you’re with us, you’ll notice our touch-free office. This will help your appointment go smoothly all while keeping you healthy. Beyond that, our ultraviolet purifier keeps our office air clean and healthy to breathe.

Beyond that, we have luxurious comfortable seating, warm blankets, and televisions in every operatory to keep you busy while you’re here with us. As you book your next steps and get set up with us, your paperless experience will be easy, simple, and quick. We’re dedicated to ensuring every step in your orthodontic journey is a memorable one.

Touch Free Office
Online Patient Portal
Ultraviolet Air Purifier
Luxurious Seating
Warm Blankets
TVs in All Operatories