Transforming Smiles, Changing Lives

Stunning Results for Lasting Confidence

At LifeSmile Orthodontics, we’re honored to play a part in bringing our patients’ dream smiles to life. But even more than that, we love restoring confidence and helping patients realize their ultimate beauty potential. For Dr. Mawaldi and the team, there is no case too challenging and no smile too far gone. We understand the impact of a bold, beautiful grin, so we’re here for you with skillful, personalized care every day.

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Alicea had an open bite case and she was not able to use the front teeth to cut food, which causes a lot of digestive issues; her open bite also hindered her ability to pronounce some letters. The bite is now corrected and the open bite is closed successfully without surgery. She can now speak clearly and her digestive system is relieved as food can be chewed properly. On top of that she is very happy with her new smile!

Before After


Carmen had an incredible transformation­­­ – from a severe underbite to a beautiful smile. Thanks to Dr. Mawaldi’s treatment planning, she was saved from jaw surgery and any teeth pulling. Many times, a complicated “hard” route like Carmen’s is not taken, but Dr. Mawaldi values helping patients use up all the options they can before surgery or extractions.
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Elliana needed correcting her pronounced overbite. It was done with braces and changing the growth of the jaw without any removal or sacrificing permanent teeth.

Before After


It wasn’t too late for 32 year-old Jason to correct his severe underbite!  Braces with jaw surgery changed his face, smile, and his life as well.
Before After


No need for Shawndrea to hide the gaps in her teeth anymore. In and out of orthodontic treatment in only 12 months!

Before After


Lauren claimed to be embarrassed amongst her friends due to her “fangs”; she can now speak a full range of words, and is proudly showing off her beautiful smile all the time now.
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Samantha wasn’t able to bite on apples and struggled with chewing her food. Using only the most updated techniques and experience, she got her dream smile in less than 20 months.

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