Keep Your Braces Clean With These 6 Tips

Beyond Straightening Teeth

So you’ve just got your braces put on and have realized that cleaning them and your teeth might not be as easy as you originally thought. The wires on braces act as a deterrent from accessing the teeth, and they have a pesky habit of getting food stuck between them. Lucky for you, our team here at LifeSmile Orthodontics believes in making your life easy and healthy. To that end, we have listed below six tips you can use to keep your braces clean.

Invest in a Braces-Specific Toothbrush

Your normal brush might still do the trick, but it’ll be much harder to use with braces on. It’s better to get a braces-specific toothbrush with softer tips that will get in between the metal easier. Normal brush tips might be too hard and could damage the braces.

Floss After Brushing

Most people are guilty of not flossing as much as they need to, but now that you have braces flossing is more important than ever. The challenge is that the wires make it much harder to floss than usual. However, it isn’t impossible. All you need is a bit of perseverance and elbow grease. But if you’re running low on both, you can opt for other solutions that make it easier to floss. For example, a floss pick can be great for getting in between the teeth with the braces in the way. A water flosser can also work great in this situation.

Rinse With Salt & Water

This is especially important after first getting the braces or after an adjustment. The salt will help prevent any swelling or soreness. It also helps keep your teeth and your braces clean.

Use Mouthwash

A fluoride mouthwash is the best way to deal with any persistent food material or bacteria that may still be lurking after brush and flossing. As such, you can’t afford to miss out on mouthwash if you want to keep those braces clean.

Take a Little More Time on Your Brushing Routine

Now that you have braces. It might be hard to get into all those tight spaces. So it is better to take a bit more time and care to ensure your pearly whites stay that way.

Make Some Dietary Changes

Food with lots of sugar or extra acidic food already causes a mountain of damage to your teeth in ordinary circumstances. With braces, the damage exponentially increases. So it’s best to reduce these types of food in your diet or get rid of them altogether.

Braces can be a hassle to deal with and maintain, but they are there for a good cause. Be sure to follow the tips highlighted above. They will make your dental routine a little easier and your braces a whole lot cleaner.

For any more tips or information on how to take care of your teeth during orthodontic treatment, feel free to contact us at LifeSmile Orthodontics, your local orthodontist in Midlothian, VA.